Am I snobby? Tantris, rated two stars Michelin – in Munich

If you think that someone is snobby just because after having a diner in a two Michelin stars rated restaurant she said that the experience wasn’t worth the time and money spent on it, well!, I am snobby, then!

After I dined at Tantris, I swore that I would never have a diner in a Michelin rated restaurant, if it can host 120 clients at the same time. In a two Michelin starred restaurant, the Chef should be in charge with supervising everything, each plate should have a special design, each table should have the whole attention of the dedicated waiters, and I doubt that this is possible when they have to serve more than 120 clients. So, I will let you know about my experience at Tantris, which lasted – can you believe? – four and a half hours!

Compliments: beef tartare, goat cheese and radishes

Compliments: beef tartare, goat cheese and radishes

As any two Michelin stars rated restaurants, Tantris offers its clients two menus: one which combines 6 dishes, and the other one – with 8 dishes. Of course, you could ask for a la carte option.
We chose the 8-dishes-menu. As each dish is accompanied by a different wine (100 ml), I thought that it was too much for me to drink about 800 ml of wine, so I had just 4 different types of wine. The best for me was an Alsace wine, Pinot Gris Altenburg 2007. The waiter told me that this is a “repairing wine” and for me this worked well: fresh, nice and with intense fragrance, this wine, which was served at the end of the dinner, really refreshed us after the 4 hours and a half (My God!!!) spent in the restaurant.
Terină de vițel cu morcovi, cartofi dulci și parfait de ficat de gâscă

Terrine of veal with carrots, sweet potatoes and goose liver parfait

I can say that the athmosphere is nice at Tantris. An interesting interior design which combines red and black is completed by enormous, spherical, orange lighting. When I had diner at Dallmayr, well, I’ve already told you about  their philosophy that nothing should compete with the food. This is way Dallmayr is so discrete with exposing any of it’s interior design elements. But at Tantris, I felt different: if I had to stay four hours and a half, having a food that I wasn’t fond of and there hadn’t been any decorations there, I would have been bored more than I already was. So, I can say that it was a good idea of the owner to use a lot of design elements and to create a very particular atmosphere there. As I am a “lamp-lover”, the orange lamps were something that I most appreciated.
The name of the restaurant – Tantris – is honoured by a lot of design elements, in the form of black glass walls, tantric statues and decorations. I confess you that I found some of them very close to kitsch.
I noticed the waiters’ stressful life here. I had never seen before Michelin waiters who let the clients see that they worked under pressure or that they are in a hurry. Usually, Michelin restaurant’s waiters stay calm and relaxed.  They are very skilled in being always where you need they be but at the same time their presence is very discrete. The attitude of the waiters is very important to me. Together with the food, they  should offer me a lot of positive feelings.
Tantris’s waiters were on the run. I could see their efforts of dealing with too many tasks at the same time.
Instead, I appreciated the way that they were trained to answer our questions and the way that they took care of my glass.
Homar cu trevisano, piure de  trufe albe și trufe negre

Trevisano lobster with mashed white truffle and black truffle

Two dishes were too salted. One of them is in the picture below.
Oxtail essence

Oxtail essence

I can’t understant the attraction for salty dishes in some Michelin restaurants. I read some reviews from 2012 of clients who claimed that the dishes were too salty and I expected that Chef Hans Haas had taken them into consideration. But he went on with the same kind of dishes, which made me suppose that this is part of his style.
Șalău la grătar cu spanac, linte și măsline

Perch grilled with spinach, lentils and olive

Pulpă de miel cu fasole, anghinare, vinete și couscous

Leg of lamb with beans, artichokes, eggplant and couscous

Among the eight dishes we had in the menu, three were desserts and I was surprised by the fact that the restaurant recommended a different wine for each of the three desserts. Isn’t it too much?!
Sufle de caramel cu portocale roșii

Blood orange souffle with caramel

Mousse de Briat Savarin (un tip de brânză), cu crackers de muștar și sos de smochine și prune

Briat Savarin mousse with crackers mustard sauce and figs and prunes

I have to confess that I like the mix of passion fruit and cocoa (or chocolate). I’ve seen these put together by different restaurants in different ways and I loved them each time.

Înghețată de cocos,mango, fructul pasiunii și cacao

Ice cream coconut, mango, passion fruit and cocoa

Tantris didn’t offer me a memorable experience and this is way I felt disappointed. There was no dish, no ingredient, no flavour which I could remember.
I will remember just the fact that the diner lasted too much (four and a half hours, as I’ve said).
And I will remember the awful answer of the waiter, when – at the end of the dinner – my husband, Mr Double Espresso, joked with him and asked: “Well, when will we start to eat?”.
The answer of the waiter was: “Are you still hungry? Oh, of course you are hungry,  you are from Romania”.
I won’t add anything more as I’d like you to fjnish reading this article with the same sour taste in your mouth that I had after his response.
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