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I’ve always thought that I don’t have any vices. Now, I don’t pretend to know where the line between passion and vice is drawn, or the difference between pleasure and obsession. What I’m certain of, however, is that I like to savour the most creative and special dishes that I can afford, and that that is my passion, my vice, my pleasure and my obsession, all at once. Full stop!

I’ve ignored for a long time this passion. In the years in which work monopolized a good part of my life, I wrote off this pleasure as something that I’ll get to someday. When the time will be right. After I finish this project. And this one. And after I take care of this. And that.

The time is right.. today. Now. Not because I’ve achieved everything I set out to do. Not because I’ve done everything I’ve wanted to do. But because I’ll never finish everything and accomplish all my goals. This is why I decided that today is the day to kickoff this obsession of mine.

I’ll group under the name “Via Michelin” the articles about my experiences in restaurants that are featured in the Michelin guide.

A lot of these Michelin experiences have happened in Munich, the city in which I live and in which one can find at the moment (2015) 128 Michelin restaurants, of which three have two stars.

I’m not a professional reviewer, just somebody that likes to discover new tastes.

If the details which I offer here are of any help in aiding you to choose a restaurant or appreciate a dish, then I’d have achieved my goal.

The photos in the Wine & Food are taken with the express consent of the restaurant, whenever that is necessary. And with the utmost care not to inconvenience other clients.

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